Monday, January 17, 2011

Seagulls and icecubes.

From our balcony I have a fine view of the Pacific Ocean. Somedays are more exciting than others and waves double-over-head are by no means unusual. Today rated somewhere in the middle weight class, between ankle biters and man killers.
Animals all seem to have a sixth sense about danger, be it man, machine or nature, and I've seen it proved time and again by the water fowl who so deftly fly along the surf, gliding up and down the beach. They cruise just inches from danger along the waves. This afternoon I had the pleasure of witnessing the anomoly.
A lone seagull, presumably shunned from his flock for being an insufferable show-off, was happily drifting up the coast when he finally got too close. I never saw him after he went under, a mid size wave to you and me is still like getting hit by a dump truck to a little seagull. The wave broke. The seagull screamed and was smothered in sea water. I laughed.
I spent the rest of the day waiting for karma to hit me with a wave of my own. My daughter is teething and I spent the evening handing her icecubes to avoid the tirades of a two year old cutting her first molars. I hope that covers it.

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