Thursday, January 27, 2011

The fortune cookie.

Always looking forward to growing up, I have never wished to be younger. Everyday that distances me from the fool I was makes it easier to deal with the fool I am. And, with a little humility, looking back starts to get easier. Forcing wisdom is like trying to read the fortune before you eat the cookie. So, while I sit here, rudely chewing with my mouth open, please consider the piece of paper in my hand. When it's over, when I have finally swallowed, and you no longer have to shudder at the bits of food stuck in my crooked teeth, please have faith. I am about to learn something special. Perhaps tomorrow I won't be so harsh. Maybe in the future I will have kind things to say. Someday, with a little luck, I could be someone like the man I hoped to be as a child. To the kid I was, thank you for hoping. To the man I'll become, I apologize for today. But, please be patient. I'm on my way. Kindest regards, NLC.

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